6 September 1927 -- 10 December 1997

United States Patents

3,465,533September, 1969 Cargo Transport Apparatus Using Air Cushion Support
3,502,025March, 1970 Nonpenetrating Drug Injecting Bullet
3,557,471January, 1971 Anthropodynamic Dummy "Dynamic Dan"
3,586,263June, 1971 Kinesthetically Controlled Helicopter (Is this the genesis of thought-controlled aircraft, as in the books Firefox and Day of the Cheetah?)
3,709,179January, 1973 High Speed Boat"Gayle" boat
3,763,810October 1973 High Speed Boat with Planing Hull Sea Knife
3,829,861August, 1974 Trailing Wire Antenna (with James J. Karaganis) Aircraft radio antennas.
3,898,800August, 1975 Heat Engine in the Form of a Water Pulse-Jet
3,987,987October, 1976 Self-erecting Windmill (with Charles McCutchen) Self-erecting structures and structures that extract power from a moving fluid such as wind
4,007,895February, 1977 Inertial Escape System Aircraft crew ejection systems
4,024,409May, 1977 Aeolian WindmillA means of extracting energy from a fluid stream
4,057,961November, 1977 Pulse-jet Water Propulsor Water pulse-jet and related heat engines
4,129,006December, 1978 Modular Erosion Control System Beach Prisms
4,748,929June, 1988 Planing Catamaran
D300,130March, 1989 Planing Boat (with Samuel C. Sapp) Design patent.
4,924,792May, 1990 High Speed Planing Boat (with Samuel C. Sapp) Wavestrider
5,311,832May, 1994 Advanced Marine Vehicles for Operation at High Speed In or Above Rough Water Dynafoil
5,469,801November 1995 Advanced Marine Vehicles for Operation at High Speed In or Above Rough Water Continuation of Dynafoil claims
5,653,189August 1997 Hydrofoil CraftContinuation of Dynafoil claims


Company records of Dynafoils Inc. and predecessor companies (Payne Associates, Payne Inc., Blade Hulls Inc.). (Thank you, Rosalie!)

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